Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009


As many of you know, Ben's main student ministry here is teaching Math, Science and Bible to 6th graders.

One of the things Ben loves about teaching is seeing the look on the kids face when they finally get it, when the light comes on. Doing hands-on activities to get them to grasp things is the best way to see that light come on. Here is his class working on their Bubble Project. Another thing that Ben loves about teaching here at Alliance is the freedom he gets to share Christ throughout his classes, in his curriculum, in the hall, at recess, etc..... He has some students who are atheists, come from buddhist homes, catholic and christian. This is such a freedom because he oftens gets challenging questions from these little curious minds as they try to put together what they believe.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Missions is not just for the poor

When you hear the word missions or missionary you may think of a person who leaves to a third world country/overseas to go serve the poor, needy, hurting and unsaved people. But that is not always the case. The heart and driving force behind a missionary is to give people the opportunity to hear about Gods salvation, His love, His forgiveness and their need for a Savior.
As missionaries we are able to share this love and salvation through providing a direct need and being Jesus in the flesh. Which than can look like a person in Tanzania helping bring a water to a village for the first time, or a person in China teaching English, or a person in Kansas leading a small bible study with moms, or a person in Guatemala working in an orphanage helping street children. We missionaries come in many colors, shapes, skills, giftedness and geographic location. So if your reading this and you have Gods salvation, His love, His forgiveness and you believe in Him than we are missionaries.
Our family has the priviledge of being missionaries in Ecuador working with the spiritually and emotionally needy. We have the opportunity to serve international, missionary and Ecuadorian students. A lot of these students need to see Jesus lived out, hear about Jesus and His salvation and His freedom. We also have the opportunity to work with the physically needy at a government hospital for low income families and to work with street children by providing lunches for them. Before this we were missionaries in Ft. Worth being Jesus in the flesh to those around us at school, at work and at home. Discipling and teaching as the opportunities arose.

Please don't let the misconception that to be a missionary you need to be in another country, working with the poor keep you from doing missions right where your at. The opportunities are boundless, really! Pray with me that we may see them and arise to the occasion.

desires of our heart

We spent the last couple of weeks meeting up with friends and family. And also, speaking in churches. Having to share with so many people our ministry it made me think of how gracious the Lord has been to give us the desires of our heart. We had no idea what this school was going to be like and if we would like it. We just knew that this was where the Lord was leading us. Having been here 6mos. I can say that our whole famiy is very happy here.