Friday, May 29, 2009

Ministry right up my alley- Avant Garde Fashion Show and Spa

One of the things I love about my job as a counselor is that we have two groups that we work with: young ladies called Girls Only! chats and mothers called Mujeres y mas. With both of these groups our goal is to equip, encourage and educate one another. Spurring each other on in our walk with the Lord as women. So this week I got to plan a Mother and Daughter Spa Day and Avant Garde Fashion Show. The fashion show the ladies had to use crepe paper and tissue paper to make their outfits. We had a salon come out and provide their services while we did a fashion show

and had some get to know each other activities for moms and daughters. It was sooo much fun!

This picture below are some of the counselors that I work with!

Monday, May 11, 2009

We got it!

Thanks you all who joined us in prayer that we would find a car. We finally got one! Yea! Though it already got hit. That was very frustrating but a lesson on Materialism for us. We have it parked at the school since we live here and someone (we think it was a taxi or the gas truck) hit it really bad. The bumper came off and they put a dent in it. Ben was able to rig the bumper back up so it doesn't look as bad anymore. Going grocery shopping is so much more manageable now!

Mr. Tuten is Loved!

This was supposed to be a surprise party for Ben but of course asking 6th graders to keep a secret is pretty much impossible. It was a pool party and cook out!
The kids felt that it would be sooo sad to celebrate your birthday with out a pinata so one of the moms went out and bought one for the party.
I really enjoy seeing how much the students love Ben! God has really gifted him as a teacher and I praise God that he has followed that calling. When they sing Happy Birthday here they add Cha, Cha, Cha at the end!