Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day Care part 2

We were able to squeeze some hours into our day to headback to the daycare with some of the youth to add some finishing touches. Here is a sweet picture of the little ones taking a nap while we put posters up. Here we are with workers from the daycare
This is not a word for word translation. Amelia is one of the workers at Amor Y Esperanza daycare. She is the "manager" of the daycare. Here she expresses her gratitude to all of the Youth who helped make the daycare beautiful. She shares that she only imagined 10% of what we did. Her hope was that we would paint the walls maybe two colors. She never envisioned such intricate work. She and the rest of the daycare crew were very grateful. She said the kids walked in the next day in awe of all that was done! Priceless! The directors of Amor y Esperanza shared that every year that a missions team comes to work at the school, which is in another bldg from Kinder-6th grade, Amelia always asks if its there turn. And Amelia always walks away disappointed because the answer is, not this time. But the director said that God taught them that good things come to those who wait because the work they got was amazing!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

VBS Video

VBS is a very common summer activity in the states but it is not here. This is the first VBS that the church Dios es Fiel has ever done and they were very excited that the Mckinney group was going to be here this summer! This is a video of the little kids during scripture memory time. It was so sweet to hear them all in unison reciting Gods word.
The VBS has had between 62-70 kids come. Some churched and some unchurched about 70% are from the church Dios es Fiel and the rest are from the neighborhood! We pray that this connects some of the parents from the neighborhood to the church in some way.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sunday at church! Our church is a non denominational church but a bit more upbeat in the music since music is very important in our culture. Here you can see the praise team and a young group of teens on the dance team. It was an amazing service I was glad the team was here to experience church in Latin America. The speaker was calling the congregation to restore their family relationships. At the end he said he was going to pray for the families in the congregation. As he prayed you could hear sniffles and people crying throughout the room and all of the sudden on their own people just started coming down to the front of the church. At the end of the prayer the pastor asked if someone in the congregation was related to any of these people up front to come down and give them a hug and encourage them. They came down and we could see and hear reconciliation happening right before our eyes. It was the beginning of a huge step in a lot of families.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mckinney Youth MIssion Team

The group standing at the Equator line. After planning and praying for months for the teams they finally arrive! We finally had the first glimpse of that love and labor come together today as we were busy at work doing VBS and painting. The team arrived on time and with no flight complications. That is a miracle in itself, ha! Those of you who have flown to Quito before know what I am talking about.

Grocery shopping for the 21 young kids we will be hosting this week.
Our church Dios es Fiel on Sunday
First day of VBS during craft time
Memory verse time
game time
snack time
The group had a very busy day. After VBS we headed over to the daycare in the projects that the group is going to paint and redo. If you look closely here at this picture you can see the state of the daycare.
Though we were all exhausted at the end of the day its so exciting to see how God is using us!