Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mari's last 6th grade Chats

One of the things I was able to start through the counseling department was the 6th grade Chats.  I met with the 6th grade Girls and some times both boys and girls and we discussed topics like: friendship, boys, body image, self image etc....  I really enjoyed this aspect of my job because not only did I get to do what I enjoy which is doing counseling seminars but I also got a chance to connect with the kids Ben spends time with and build relationships with them.

Our last session was a fun crafty one and we made T-shirts for their moms using a DIY screen printing process. 
These shirts were left over from the 2010 Womens Team that came down.  I was glad we were able to put them to use! My in laws brought down freezer paper for us which is what you need to do the screen printing process.

Sixth Grades Video Project

Ben's 6th grade class worked really hard to put this video together.  They give you a tour of the historical city of Quito.  It's in Spanish but either way you can see the beauty if you don't understand.

Every now and then you get a peek of Ben.  These are all his students.  His class is so culturally diverse there are kids from Korea, Chinese, Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Jaimaca and the U.S.