Monday, December 14, 2009

Kids helping Kids!

these are our kids from the Quito projects singing and serving
this is our students from Alliance. we go out weekly to do a bible club in the Quito projects

the kids from the dump are patiently waiting at the table for their opration brown bag lunch. Recognize any of those bags kids?

Ethan loves being my little helper when we go out and help kids!!!

Its packed with over 100 kids, crazy if you would see the size of this room.

Cowboy, fireman and construction guy help decorate our tree

Our little helpers
We are sooooo glad that we can get Christmas trees here in Ecuador and not only that but this huge tree that touches our ceiling cost us $30!
the lower, left part of the tree was inundated with ornaments thanks to our little helpers

Our boys hamming it up!

In this country the month of December is kicked off with "Quito Days" its a weekend celebration of their independence. Aidens preschool had a Quito Day program for the parents. They had to come dressed up like little gentlemen and ladies "Chulleno y Quitenas".
Ethan with his kindergarten class during a thanksgiving performance.

My sweet boy!

Turkey, sand and friends

Our thanksgiving spread! We were thankful that this country imports turkeys so we can keep on our tradition.

We spent thanksgiving at the beach! It was a first and it was fabulous. One of Bens students was so kind to offer their beach house to us!!