Thursday, November 19, 2009

Celebrating Alliance Academy 80th Anniversary!!

On November 3rd, 1929, the "School for Missionaries' Children of the Christian and Missionary Alliance" (MCS) opened it's doors. Eight students, a dorm mother and a teacher met in the Alliance mission home in downtown Quito. Two months later, MCS moved to Quinta Bustamante, a large estate home where MCS functioned until 1939, when the school moved to its current location. After that move, MCS was renamed the Alliance Academy (AA), and more recently, the Alliance Academy International (AAI).

For 80 years the Alliance Academy has provided education and community to thousands of young people and families who have lived and worked in Quito, Ecuador at some time.

Today we celebrate these 80 years of impact!

And 79 years later, July 1, 2008 the Lord called the Tutens family to a part of this legacy. Were honored!! Thank you all for making this possible its truly a blessing to be a part of this life impacting, heart changing, mind forming institution.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Mr. Tuten sharing in chapel

Mr. Tuten had the joy of sharing in chapel a devotional and also using his "mad" science skills to share a spiritual truth. The kids love watching science experiments.