Friday, August 7, 2009

Who knew Pajamas and bedding could change our life

Every day and night since the boys got their new pj's they have wanted to take naps and go to bed!! Amazing huh!! They are pretty cool pj's and bedding but who knew the power of pjs and race car bedding. I was always too cheap and too cool to get them kid bedding. I always wanted something cool and abstract, I have learned my lesson. Every morning they ask if they could keep their pajamas on for the day. I don't let them so when we get home from running errands they go to their room and put on their jammies.
Thanks so much for making napping and bedtime fun for the boys.

The Mckinney Womens team brought our family lots of goodies from yummy flavored tea, Starbucks coffee to bedding for our boys and lots more. Our boys were sooooo excited seeing the three suitcases that were designated ours to open.

It was so humbling to see God use His people to provide even the simplest pleasures like Goldfish and other fun stuff.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

One Year Ministry Anniversary

Last year in July we got on a plane with 8 pieces of luggage to claim as our only possessions and were heading to a country we had never visited before. Why?
Let us show you:
Operation Brown Bag- we had no idea this was a ministry the Lord had planned for us but we are glad He did. It's a ministry God put together for our family to head up. We give lunches to the street kids of Quito.
Ben's 6th grade class! He loves it and they absolutely love him! He teaches Math, Science and Bible.

The counseling dept. We work with pre-k - 12th grade counseling students and parents. We counsel, teach seminars, events, and do group work. I love it!!

The Senior girls the Lord gave me the priviledge to disciple.
The cross cultural group of boys Ben disciples! They take such good care of our boys and bribe them with candy so they can hold them or give them a kiss, gotta love it!
Hospital ministry at the local goverment children hospital. Ethan got to go with me on our last visit. It was so amazing to see even at this age the Lord use our little boy to be a blessing!
I also have the joy of teaching Salsa aerobics to the teachers here at the school. Oh, and another reason we love it here is the picturesque views the Lord gives us every morning!
Of all these ministries the Lord only shared 2 with us before we left but were so glad HE has equipped us and given us the strength to get involved in all that He is doing here in Quito. I hope with this you are able to get a glimpse of what our days are like here and see that we LOVE it here! Thank you for letting us be used by God in this capacity. Really, your financial support and prayer support enable us to be here serving the Lord in this capacity. We could not have finished this year with out you!! Praise God for using you as His vessels of senders!!