Friday, June 27, 2008

Pre-Field Orientation

I shared in our newsletter how this whole transitioning time has seemed surreal. Well being here in traning has made it a lot more tangible and more real. Alliance Academy International sent us to a pre-field orientation for missionaries in Houghton, NY. If you're thinking I never heard of Houghton neither did we and there is a reason b/c there is not even one stop light in this little small town. It's very beautiful though and we have enjoyed the tranquilty that it brings into our busy life.
So we have spent the last week here and have one more week to go. We are learning a lot about how to transition into another culture, how to work with other cultures and how to be flexible. Our classes are from 8-5p.m. everyday except Sunday. Ethan has some culture transitioning classes also and Aiden is in childcare. The schedule is strenuous on our family but the information has been great. We have had the pleasure of meeting part of our mission team and that has been great fun. We are excited that we will get to minister beside these people who also have a heart for God's kindgom.

Pray for us: Ethan and Aiden are totally out of their element, schedule, environment, food etc... and I know it's been hard on them physically and emotionally. Ethan has forgotten that he's potty trained, he is constantly having tantrums and Aiden cries about everything.
It may get worse from this point on because our whole life will be in transition until we get to Ecuador. So pray for wisdom, patience and lots of love for our boys.

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