Monday, January 19, 2009

Ministry Highlight Video

See below for pictures and blog of this month's ministry highlight


Cam and Elisa said...

Your school looks SO nice! And the view from your classroom is great. Its also really nice that you guys live so close to school and can just get there so easily and SO quickly. Beats our 15 min. bike rides in the rain :) I bet the boys love the playground too! Glad things are going well for you guys. The little clip that we see of your place at the beginning made it look VERY nice as well :)

Ron Horton said...

Ben and family,

Thanks so much for posting these videos and for sharing your lives with us and those precious folks in Ecuador. May God continue to bless and use you there as you impact the lives of so many . . . for eternity.

Ron Horton

Profesora Speece said...

Thanks for the videos. It helps to picture where you guys are.