Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sharing some of our Easter traditions

The whole plastic eggs, easter baskets and bunny thing hasn't hit Ecuador yet which is good b/c Easter is not commercialized its celebrated pretty much only as a religious holiday. Well we shared some of our non-religious and real of meaning of Easter traditions with some Ecuadorian friends at a picnic.
They were quite amazed at the whole boiling eggs, dyeing them and hiding them tradition. They thought it was quite odd but still joined in the fun. After having them find the eggs we gathered around and shared the Easter story using the Resurrection Eggs that we have used for the past couple of years as a family. They were amazed that there were little treats to discover in each egg as I told the story. It was very fun!

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The Dons said...

Love to see you sharing our secular traditions with the Ecquadorians! HILARIOUS! I bet the whole egg dye thing does seem weird. It's weird when you're first introducing it to your kids too.