Saturday, August 6, 2011

Child Protection Committee at Alliance Academy

One of the things that the counseling department at Alliance Academy has been working since I have been there and I am sure before I was there was educating and empowering parents, students and teachers on Child Protection. 
The statistics on Missionary kids, Missionary schools and Missionaries encountering these abuse situations is alarming. I (Mari) for the past 2.5 years have been heading up the training in this area.  Our goal was to go into every classroom and share with each student and then to have follow up parent training in which we shared the same things with the parents.  Our goal was to have student, teacher and parents all on the same page on how to encounter situations. 
This past year a committee was formed to review and address gaps that were in our student-teacher policies.  What came about from this committee was a year of meetings, meetings and more meetings in which a plan of action on how to prevent situations, how to protect the students and teachers was proposed and approved!  This was a gargantous task and we are praising the Lord for how much support and help we received from the school leadership. 

I will start the school year off with an orientation for all staff training them on Child Saftey Procedures on campus.

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