Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What will we be doing?

We will be working at Alliance Academy International in Quito, Ecuador. It's an independent Christian International school that offers k-4-12th grade education. It was started in 1929 by the Christian Missionary Alliance for their missionaries. The leadership has now changed and so has it's constituents. Now it reaches out to the nationals, international businessmen, missionaries, diplomats, embassy staff and immigrants from many different countries. Wow! the opportunities for ministry abound!
The more I think about this opportunity the Lord has provided for us I am amazed at how this is such a great fit for our family, how we are all so perfectly plugged in. God took our hearts passions, skills and giftedness and sent us to a place where we can use them for His glory!
Our Job: Ben:6th grade math, science and Bible teacher, Mari: counselor(part-time)
Our Heart and our Responsibilities: teaching, discipling, counseling and evangelizing
Our Children: The school has a 4yr old program so Ethan will start school this fall. This school is one of the top English Schools in Quito so Ethan will be in an awesome learning environment. Aiden will have a sitter on campus the days I work.
Housing:We will live on campus in the dorms. Ha, who would of thought I would end up back in the dorm life.
Transportation: Public transportation or walking will be our means of getting around.
Economy: Ecuadors currency is the U.S. dollar. The cost of living is very high. Here in the U.S. $35-40,000 yr you can own a home and a car. In Ecuador for that kind of yearly salary you can rent a 2/3 bedroom apartment and not own a car.
Stuff: We will try to cram as much of our stuff into our allowed 6pc of luggage. We will pretty much be starting from scratch again. Ecuador unlike other foreign countries doesn't have the big stores like Walmart, home depot, etc.... Therefore, everything imported cost about 3x as much. So arriving in the dorms is good because it will give us time to buy everything we didn't fit into our 6 pc of luggage.
Religion: Catholicism is the dominant religion.

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