Saturday, May 3, 2008

Join us on the Battlefield!

One of the biggest turn offs for me towards missions for years was that I felt missionaries wanted me to have a passion for the people that they were ministering to. Every time a missionary presented I felt this guilt because I didn't love the Africans, the Asians, the Indians the tribal people that they were ministering to as they did. I don't think that was the missionaries intentions and part of that guilt was self inflicted.
Now that we are in the same place as those missionaries. I want you to know that we understand if you don't feel this deep connection toward the Youth in Ecuador, or for that matter a deep connection with us but we do hope that you have a deep connection for Gods heart and that is, His lost sheep. So connect with us because we are going to feed His lost sheep. Pray for us because the enemy wants to destroy all those who are going to thwart his plans. Join us on the battlefield because simply put we can't do it alone. We may be physically going but you go with us through your prayers and your financial support. For His kingdom and for His glory!

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