Thursday, August 28, 2008

School and stuff

We started school today! Working here in this Christian international school has been very different from both of our secular and Christian school experiences in the past. So far all different in a good way. We started our day with chapel and worship - that was awesome. It was also fun to watch all the different types of kids attending this school - it truly is an international school. We are glad to get our ministry started with the students. We have enjoyed the time we had before school to get to know the staff and our team a little bit better before we start working together. So for now no major reports on school ministry.

Here are some pictures of Ben making our bedroom furniture. I mean Ben and Ethan. Ethan always comes home telling me that he was working with daddy making a bed for me.
This is one of Ben's friends Dan making a coffee table.

They are using the school wood shop to do this. They pay them for the wood and they let them use the tools for free.
Just in case you're wondering why Ben is making furniture, it's not because there is no furniture here - it's just that it will be more cost effective and he enjoys it. His father would be proud. I am!

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Cam and Elisa said...

Hey Guys! Glad to hear school is off to a good start! Cameron is a little jealous to see pictures of Ben, Ethan, and Dan in the school's shop working on building furniture. It is pretty nice that they let you buy the wood and then use all their tools and stuff for free! way to go guys!!! We want to see pictures of the finished product!