Sunday, August 24, 2008

What's up?

What is up with us?

We start school on Thurs.

We found a sitter for Aiden while I am at school!

We are headed out on our 1st date since we got here!praise God!

Ethan starts school on Thurs (pre-school).

Our boxes are still in customs, boo hoo.

We are looking for a church, pray that we find one as awesome as Mckinney & WHCC.

I will address the school on Biblical Conflict Resolution Monday.

We are doing a 10k next weekend.

Ben has started a Spanish class that the school offers for gringo teachers.

We are trying to get Ethan to stop peeing in the bed at night. Any suggestions???

We are shopping for living room furniture.

Ben is building our bedroom furniture.

We need to decide on how we are going to be involved in the lives of our students outside of school. Plz pray for that there are so many opportunities.

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