Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spiritual Emphasis Week!

Every year the school has 2 Spiritual Emphasis weeks. Usually they have some special speaker come and share Christ to the students in a fun interactive way. They do this everyday for one week. This past week we had a couple do Power Lab which was this past summers VBS curriculum for a lot of churches in the stats. It was great b/c most of our kids never saw it before b/c they weren't in the states. The kids loved it! And over 30 kids accepted Christ! Praise God! Pray that these seeds planted this past week will be firmly planted. Alot of our students don't have Christian parents some are holiday church goers, others are buddihst, others atheist etc... So school is the only place they can get fed and encouraged in His word. Pray that the staff will make time to follow up with these little ones.
Ethan got picked to go up on stage for this also, unfortunatly, we missed seeing his response to the person behind the sheet.

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