Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day Care part 2

We were able to squeeze some hours into our day to headback to the daycare with some of the youth to add some finishing touches. Here is a sweet picture of the little ones taking a nap while we put posters up. Here we are with workers from the daycare
This is not a word for word translation. Amelia is one of the workers at Amor Y Esperanza daycare. She is the "manager" of the daycare. Here she expresses her gratitude to all of the Youth who helped make the daycare beautiful. She shares that she only imagined 10% of what we did. Her hope was that we would paint the walls maybe two colors. She never envisioned such intricate work. She and the rest of the daycare crew were very grateful. She said the kids walked in the next day in awe of all that was done! Priceless! The directors of Amor y Esperanza shared that every year that a missions team comes to work at the school, which is in another bldg from Kinder-6th grade, Amelia always asks if its there turn. And Amelia always walks away disappointed because the answer is, not this time. But the director said that God taught them that good things come to those who wait because the work they got was amazing!

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