Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sunday at church! Our church is a non denominational church but a bit more upbeat in the music since music is very important in our culture. Here you can see the praise team and a young group of teens on the dance team. It was an amazing service I was glad the team was here to experience church in Latin America. The speaker was calling the congregation to restore their family relationships. At the end he said he was going to pray for the families in the congregation. As he prayed you could hear sniffles and people crying throughout the room and all of the sudden on their own people just started coming down to the front of the church. At the end of the prayer the pastor asked if someone in the congregation was related to any of these people up front to come down and give them a hug and encourage them. They came down and we could see and hear reconciliation happening right before our eyes. It was the beginning of a huge step in a lot of families.

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