Monday, July 13, 2009

Mckinney Youth MIssion Team

The group standing at the Equator line. After planning and praying for months for the teams they finally arrive! We finally had the first glimpse of that love and labor come together today as we were busy at work doing VBS and painting. The team arrived on time and with no flight complications. That is a miracle in itself, ha! Those of you who have flown to Quito before know what I am talking about.

Grocery shopping for the 21 young kids we will be hosting this week.
Our church Dios es Fiel on Sunday
First day of VBS during craft time
Memory verse time
game time
snack time
The group had a very busy day. After VBS we headed over to the daycare in the projects that the group is going to paint and redo. If you look closely here at this picture you can see the state of the daycare.
Though we were all exhausted at the end of the day its so exciting to see how God is using us!


lizawiza said...

Looks like fun, but a lot of work! I hope it goes well.

Tutens in Ecuador said...

thanks it has been a lot of fun and work but sometimes you can't have one with out the other!