Saturday, October 3, 2009

Airplane Perspective

As I sit in my row in the middle seat excited about what lies ahead I feel a little sad about who I leave behind. This has yet to change for me in the many airplane ventures I have taken whether they were just a city away or a whole country away.

I am always amazed and thankful by the discovery the Wright brothers made and those who took it beyond. Airplanes are AMAZING!

As I look down at the city from the heavens the world looks so small, orderly, safe and beautiful but as we get closer to landing and get off the plane we discover the cracks, the choas, the problems, the joy, the people and realize life really is a lot easier if your looking at it from a distance. People are easier to handle if your relating to them from a distance and the world and its choas is easier to handle if you don't see its cracks. So I encourage all of us to get off the plane and engage in your world, in your community, in your neighborhood, in your home, in your church. I promise you it won't always be pretty but at least you will feel alive to feel and connect deeply in the midst of its cracks.

I was sitting between an author and a Canadian embassy worker who represents Canadian women who have gotten themselves into trouble in this country. I had no idea because I wasn't up for small talk. I think I missed some neat opportunities that plane ride.

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