Sunday, April 18, 2010

Traveling to the States

This summer we will have our first summer "furlough" since we arrived here in Ecuador.  A furlough is when missionaries take an extended time to head back to the states to rest and connect with churches, family and friends. 
My heart is torn as we are excited to head back but feeling overwhelmed with the many challenges that traveling has for us.  As we mentioned before Ethan doesn't do well with change and it throws him in a tizzy making him very anxious and stressed.  Pray that even now God would prepare his little heart and body. Pray that we would have some time for our little family to reconnect and relax. Pray as we plan our itinerary for how long to stay in the states, one that fits our budget and doesn't have us flying for 20hrs in one day.  We are very thankful for the opportunity to head back since we know that this is a luxury not every missionary has!

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