Thursday, January 27, 2011

The adventures of having a baby in another country

He was so tiny he fit in our stocking!  
It has definitely been an adventure to have had a baby in another country.  Some adventures we loved some made us wish he was born on US soil.

When your pregnant or have a baby in your hand in this country:
  • you get bumped up in lines (awesome b/c sometimes you have to wait for hrs.)
  • people are very helpful (normally everyone minds their own business and does their own thing) 
  •  people move out of the way in the side walk (usually they just bump into you not thinking twice about it, it's not meant to be rude).
  • your rude apt manager forgets they hate you (Yes!)
  • everyone including little kids feel the need to give you advice & comment on your body
-We had our baby at a birthing ctr. it was a great experience
- Gave birth on a birthing stool
- To get his birth cert. was a huge headache:
  • hours (not exaggerating) of waiting in line to then be told we needed another document that's not on the requirements list they gave us hours ago.
  • it took 3 wks w/the same thing mentioned above happening every time
  • insisted on putting me down as a single mother. Their arguement was your not considered married when your in another country.
  • advised to get married in this country
Diapers, wipes, formula all cost about the same as it does in he US w/ the exception that there are no coupons or discounts.

It's been fabulous to receive baby packages from so many friends & family!

Mari gets 3 months of maternity leave and returning only 80% of her scheduled hours.

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