Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our Ft. Worth Home: OVERWHELMING

Many of you read about our horrible situation with our past tenants in our Ft. Worth home. Here is the link Horrible Home Situation. And many of you read about our situation with our house back in 2008 when we were trying to leave the country to come to Ecuador and our property manager majorily dropped the ball but God provided in ways beyond our imagination. Here is the link Property Manager drops the ball.
All of those experiences mentioned above were overwhelming to say the least but God constantly showed us that He is in control. 
Since our last tenants, Ms. Barbara Terry,  we have not been able to rent our home.  She made it impossible to rent because she would not sign a release of agreement on our home.  The renters help pay for our mortgage so this was getting even more overwhelming. Finally, at the end of October she did sign.  In November, we decided to go with another property manager other than Bridge Lease because we felt like they did not represent us well in the midst of all of the problems we had with the previous tenants.  Our new property manager went into our home and shared with us all of the minor/ major work our house needed.  It was a long list so once again we were overwhelmed wondering how could our house have gotten in such horrible shape when we had so many contracted people "overseeing" our home. We were later told that we possibly had a leak in the foundation.  Those of you who have never had that done lets just say its thousands of dollars to repair and our home warranty company would not cover it.  So a 2nd opinion was done on our home and they reported that there wasn't a leak (praise the Lord) we just needed  more work done on the foundation.  This was still a lot of money but not even close to what we were looking at if it were a leak.

In the midst of what seemed like a bleak and yes once again overwhelming situation the Lord brought some wonderful people into our lives to remind us of His goodness, provision, love and care for us.  My eyes are filled with tears as I write this because HE overwhelms us with His goodness!  Our friends/neighbors had at some point mentioned that if we needed anything like help in getting the house cleaned up etc.. to call on them and they could gather a group of friends from church to help out.  We didn't take them up on this offer right away because it just seemed like a lot of work.  Finally, after looking at our budget and the cost of all these things we thought lets just give them a call because at this point any kind of help would mean one less person to hire. 
Our neighbor, Carrie, got on it right away and started to organize a group of church friends to help out.  At some point she was talking with her boss (one of our supporters) about our home situation and that she was in the middle of organizing a group to come out and work on it.  Her boss mentioned that he would share this with his Christian Business Mens group and see what would come about.  These men whom we have never met took on our home as a project and they each pitched in to contract someone to paint, put new carpet, fix tile, cabinets etc... in our home.  Isn't that AMAZING!  God uses complete strangers to be vessels of His love and answers to prayer!!  Once again the Lord shows us that He is the I AM, the Provider, the Sovereign Lord and that he LOVES us, and once again we are overwhelmed in a beautiful way.  Thank you business men, friends and family for being vessels of His Love in despondent times.

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