Monday, January 3, 2011

Virtual Baby Shower

The Lord blessed us with some great friends in Fort Worth who blessed us with a virtual baby shower.  You may ask how does that work?  Well these friends from FW prior to the shower sent me a package with the baby shower themed decorations, napkins, plates, cookies and some candy.  The package also had some beautiful baby clothes for Mateo.  They set this up through Ben (because it was a surprise for me) a date and time for us to Skype and they had invited our friends to come to the Vozeh's house.  Once on Skype ( a computer program) we could see our friends in FW and they could see us here in Ecuador and the shower began!  It was a very special time for me and I felt so blessed!

The school here also planned a shower for us.  Baby items here are very, very expensive so some co -workers contributed in a money gift we were given $175 total to use for all those odds and ends we need.  To give you an idea of the cost of things: 1 onesie $9 (not any particular name brand), 4pk flannel receiving blankets( those thin small ones)- $45 yup i said $45, a car seat about $300 for an average one nothing fancy.

Bens students and their moms threw a shower for him.  We received lots of diapers! Ben and I were touched by their desire to love on us.
We were showered with love!!!

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