Monday, October 19, 2009

devastated and amazed

Once upon a time there was a group of ladies whom the Lord was working in their hearts to come and minister to His lost children in Quito, Ecuador. These lovely ladies were all from different phases of life and for different reasons felt called at this time to leave their families for a short time to come and serve.

The plan was to go minister at a school in the projects of Quito to children who have very little to eat and have very little education. As they prepared their hearts, their lessons, their material the Lord was doing some rearranging of their plans, that was news still to come. A week prior to their arrival the Lord changed the plans. A child from the school had been diagnosed with H1N1 and the school had to close down. We were devasted! This project had taken months to plan for and now where would they go?? He sent them to another area in the projects of Quito, the city dump. In the meantime they had gathered over 100 things of material for their lessons. The dump only had 18-40kids which was a blessing in disguise. Therefore, they were able to leave a lot of material here in Quito to be used somewhere else during the school year. This material is like treasure in the hands of a ministry here in Ecuador. The material they left you can't find here and if you did it would cost a tons. It was really neat to see Mckinney our church share all of their VBS stuff with us instead of having it collecting dust in a closet.

Lets fast forward to September- The directors of the school we mentioned above happen to show up at the school that we the Tutens work at. They were there to do a presentation to see how the teachers could partner with them. Mari had wanted to work with them in some form or fashion but she just got overwhelmed with all that there was to do so she never pursued it. The next day after the presentation a teacher from the school says "I was touched by the presentation yesterday from this school and I would like to add it as one of our Christian Service Outreach projects if someone here is willing to lead it." Mari felt like He was looking right at her.

So we sat their amazed to see Gods timing. The Lord wanted us there at that school just not this summer. If the VBS at the dump would of had more kids we would not have had all of this material to share with the children of this school. God was going to have someone out their at that school whether it was Mari or someone else. Though she forgot He didn't!

So we are now leading a group of 9 high school students on Wednesday to do a bible club out at this school in the projects of Quito!! It's a double blessing for us as we get to minister to our high school students from our school AAI and as they minister to the children at this school in the projects.

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WOW! God is so good!