Monday, May 31, 2010

Kindergarten Trials

After much prayer and thought we decided to keep Ethan back in Kindergarten. So he won't be graduating with his class.  We greatly appreciate your prayers for our eldest as he has had a rough year.  On Friday we sat down in a meeting with his teachers, speech therapist, educational therapist and director to hear their feedback on his progress and areas that still need work.  It was overall an encouraging meeting but at the end we all concurred that the best thing for Ethan is for him to stay back in Kinder.  Please continue to lift us up so that we will have wisdom and discernment into his little heart and mind.  As a counselor and Ben as a teacher it is sometimes so frustrating for us that we can't help him and make it all better.  Since most of his problems lie within the emotional and academic realm.  But I know the Lord has a plan for his little life and that the Lord will guide us as we raise this precious little one He has given us. 

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