Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nothing like a little bit of stress to get your day going........

I show  up to school 1.5hrs early before the tea thinking this was plenty of time for me to get ready. Little did I know what challenges lied ahead.  I go to the conference room where we are having this and find out that someone else has reserved the room and they can't change there situation.  I am running around trying to find a suitable room that will hold all of these moms and their daughters.  Then I had to find chairs and set up the tables, get all of these tea cups moved to this room and decorate the room all by my little self.  I called to get help and apparently no one could help me.  I got off the phone and almost cried (I am pregnant everything makes me cry).  Noon strikes and miraculously it all gets done.  Not to my standard but at this point all my expectations are out the window.  Once the room is filled with moms and daughters interacting my stress is forgotten.  It was a sweet time with the moms.  We had moms write a prompted letter to their daughters and daughters to moms and then they exchanged their letters. Many moms got teary eyed as they did this.  We also had a fashion show which they pick a "model" and then each group has 10 min to design a dress for the model only using tissue paper, tape and their creativity.  Well worth the effort and stress!

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